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Happy Day!

Yes, today! It’s National Running Day. Last month there was National Walking Day. I love to run. I love to walk. What I want, though – and haven’t seen or heard of yet,  is National Move It Day.

Running is fantastic. I never thought I would run a 5K, let alone a marathon. That was 2007 when I started this journey. Now, I run all the time. That first 5K in 2009 did the trick. It made me want to push and hold back at the same time. I wanted to push myself and get to the finish line. On the other hand, that older gentleman who had played leapfrog with me for a good part of the race had me thinking he deserved to finish first.

The problem is I readily admit running is not for everyone. There are days when my joints appreciate a day spent writing and, even though my legs may itch for a short run, no pounding of pavement. The guy I’m seeing is not a runner. I think he thinks I’m crazy sometimes. We walk together.

So why do these “national days” have to have such a dichotomy? Do we really need to basically pit runners against walkers against other forms of movement? Why can’t we just have a National Move It Day? Celebrate running! Walking! CrossFit! Just celebrate that a person is getting out there and moving. Dance? You bet! Softball or baseball? Sure. Just move!

If we celebrating movement each and every day, wouldn’t we all be healthier?

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