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Did I Mention?

I know I haven’t here but on social media I may have thrown it out there that I am taking part in the Runner’s World Run Streak – frequently found by searching for the hashtag (#) RWRunStreak. I haven’t ever actually finished a run streak. I tend to go 8-10 days and feel the need to rest.

You may, especially after talking yesterday – on National Running Day – about a National Movement (any kind) Day, wonder why I would even start a run streak. I blame … strike that as I take full responsibility. I was influenced by Lea’s post about making your own rules on her blog, Running With Ollie.

I also kept in the back of my mind words I’ve mentioned to others. I do not want to run six days a week. I want to take those shorter runs and put them together so I have more recovery time. With a streak, I have no recovery time.

Consequently, I’m now participating in a run streak that I am, in mind where all the great voices hang out, calling a movement streak. My goal is to be sure to move on each of the 41 days from Memorial Day (celebrated on May 25th this year) until July Fourth.

So, did I feel bad when I walked over two miles with my manfriend (who can call a man in his 50s a boy anything?) on day seven of the streak? Not a bit. I wanted to spend time with him. He doesn’t run. I count myself lucky to convince him to walk with me.

Today my legs felt like lead when I ran. Does that mean I will not run tomorrow? No. I will take tomorrow when it gets here and decide what movement I am doing then.

Am I technically partaking in a running streak? Not technically but it is still a goal I have.

Do you ever do running streaks? How often do you run a single mile to keep your streak going?

5 thoughts on “Did I Mention?

  1. I never took a break and it bit me in the ass… I’ve spent the better part of a year trying to heal from over use injuries, poor form and just plain stupidity. For me a run streak is not getting hurt, running more thoughtfully. So I at least rest once maybe twice a week. I’ve started track workouts and my speed has slowly been returning. In my opinion what makes running awesome is its individuality, the ability to do what makes you happy. So if a run streak is your thing I say enjoy it. Cheers!

    1. Definitely not so much my thing, Joe. Every time I have started one of these with Runner’s World, I’ve ended due to a strain or pull or, the worst issue, a bad case of plantar fasciitis. I like the idea of a movement streak – running, walking, swimming, biking, kayaking, hiking … just movement.

  2. I did a run streak once and got injured because I was too stubborn to quit. Sounds like you are doing so much better with a movement streak and listening to your body.

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