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Runners Are Inventive People

You are probably thinking that the title to this post is pretty obvious. How else could people run in circles on a track for miles? Run in places, essentially, on a treadmill – again for miles? A person would have to be pretty inventive, right?

Let’s talk about some every day products that runners – namely me – use to help with our running. Now these items may not make me any speedier but they make running more enjoyable. Right now – I ripped a fingernail off yesterday and it tore into the nail bed – voice recognition software would be helpful as I am that typer who uses ten fingers and that isn’t working well right this minute.

On to the meat of this topic – which came to me as I put Working Hands on my hands after shoveling this morning. I do not say any of these are guaranteed for you – the ol’ internet saying your mileage may vary holds here – but I use them.

Speaking of Working Hands hand cream, this is amazing on other cracked and dry parts of your body. Living in northern climes, my feet get pretty ugly in summer, when in sandals all the time – although this may only be for two months, and in winter from the dry air and cold temperatures. I use this on my heels mostly but do put a good layer on my entire foot at least once a week. It keeps my heels from cracking – previously an annual occurrence in the winter – and therefore, makes my winter running much more enjoyable.

Who knew they have a foot cream also? Not me but one container only is my rule so I’ll keep using Working Hands.

Bag Balm
Bag Balm

Then, there is my old standby – Bag Balm. Yes, this is an original farm product. It was designed to put on cow’s udders. I do not run a race from 13.1 miles on, or a long run for that matter, without this on my feet. I have to say I have never had a blister (knock on wood). Now, the lack of blisters could come from the socks I wear or the fact my shoes fit but I like to give Bag Balm some credit.

Now, there are other things that are just as ingenious. People eat Swedish Fish instead of energy chews. I truly prefer real food to chews and gels. When I get a choice, I put a zippie bag of dates in my fuel belt. Or I plant a cheerleader on the course with fruit. My first marathon, my son was at mile 11 with a pear for me.

What every day product do you use to help your running?

One thought on “Runners Are Inventive People

  1. Real food for the win! For me, there is nothing like an orange (or some other citrus fruit) during a race. Not sure whether it’s the Vitamin C or what, but citrus is instant energy for me. Like, I can almost feel the burst going to my legs the moment I take a bite. Crazy, but true!

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