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Spring Racing Schedule

Just before I put the new calendar on the wall in my kitchen – yes, I still have a paper calendar – I had someone ask me if I had a race planned for May yet. Did I want to run the inaugural Herald of Victory marathon which will be in my current area?

If you read my goals for the year, you may recall my number one fitness/running goal is to NOT run a full marathon this year. I didn’t run one last year either. There are many reasons for this – recovery takes a long time; training is time consuming; I don’t enjoy that distance – but I do think that with the right opportunity, I will run 26.2 again. Just not this year.

So you may wonder what I have on my plate for the first few months of 2016.


January Freeze Series – A 10K run on Saturdays in January at Otsiningo Park in Binghamton. I ran the first two in this four race series. 

Tour de Palm Springs – I am taking the 25 mile option which is a slight stretch, mostly due to riding a rented or borrowed bike and the terrain is mostly flat.

Palm Springs Half Marathon – I am hoping to run into my friend Tracy here as I don’t know when I’ll be in the area again to see her.


I have no races planned for February which means it will either be spent training for future races or snow shoveling. Last year I spent more time with a shovel than running. Hopefully, this year will be spent running, writing and moving.


Asheville Marathon and Half at Biltmore Estate – I will be running the half at this weekend event. For those of you into endurance, you can run both the full and half marathon this year. The half is on Saturday and the full on Sunday.

Forks XV  – Unlike the normal two weeks between Asheville and Forks, there is only one week this year. I will do what will most likely be my last Forks XV.


Blue Ridge Marathon, Half and Star 10K – I am running the half in Roanoke again this year. I have run here in 2013 (full) and 2014 (half) previously. If you love hills, I highly encourage you to join me here for this run.


Full disclosure: I am an ambassador for both the Asheville Marathon and Half at Biltmore Estate and the Blue Ridge Marathon, Half and Star 10K.


What does your race schedule look like so far? I am thinking into May even but need to get through these four months first.

5 thoughts on “Spring Racing Schedule

  1. Well, looks like I will be seeing you in Asheville, but not Blue Ridge. I think once was enough for me for that race. It was killer! I am signed up for Herald of Victory, just hope that I am able to get up there to run it. Travel plans, and time off from work are still up in the air right now, but fingers crossed.

    1. You’ll have to keep me informed. I probably won’t travel up that weekend if you aren’t running. I’m hoping ti be totally moved by then.

      1. I’m moving to Asheville. But sure of an exact date but no later than after my oldest’s wedding the beginning of May.

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