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Looking Back – Part 2

On Monday, I looked back over my 2015 goals for fitness and for food. They sort of go together, right? Both were giant fails but we need to fail to set more reachable goals. We can all learn from failure and move closer to success in the process. Today, I will go over my goals… Continue reading Looking Back – Part 2

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Reviewing Life – Relationships

You know all about setting goals and reviewing or checking in on them. Do you ever think about relationships the same way? I admit I tend to not take apart relationships while I am in them. I go with whatever is happening. I do, though, go back after a relationship ends and look at all… Continue reading Reviewing Life – Relationships

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Goals, Aspirations, Resolutions

It’s a new year. For some reason, we seem programmed to evaluate and start reshaping our lives at the start of new years. Why we don’t pick March 15 or April 15 is beyond me. I do not really call these resolutions. These are goals. Hopefully, with an injury free year, I’ll meet all my… Continue reading Goals, Aspirations, Resolutions

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A Better Year Coming

Maybe I should take that a week at a time. This Monday was going to be the start of me posting here regularly again. I was going to do a three day recap of my goals for this wonderful year I am still currently in – though my recaps would lead you to believe the… Continue reading A Better Year Coming

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Hey there, New Year!

Who doesn’t love a new slate? A blank page? Okay, people who have a block for writing may not like a blank page but truthfully, there is nothing but possibility in newness. In starting over. In starting again. A new day. A new week. A new year. Of course, those new beginnings are made so… Continue reading Hey there, New Year!