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Goal Check-In

Yes, another month has come and gone in 2013. I am really finding it hard to believe we are starting the third month of this year. Anyway, the start of that third month means it’s time to look over where I am with my goals.


I made no progress at all on my running 13 races in 2013. January, though, was a big race month so I am okay with not running any in February. I also have three on the calendar for March. If I run all three, I will be at seven for the year.


My second running goal for 2013 is to run 1500 miles. If each month is equal, which it will not be, I should have run 250 miles. Guess what? I have run 250 miles in the two months so far this year.


I have fallen off the wagon of making sure that I walk after long runs. My original thought was to walk at least a quarter of a mile anytime my run was over five miles. I can give you all kinds of excuses for having stopped doing this, almost all together lately, but I will just say that I am trying to get back to it.


I am using Sunday meal prep for a more organized weekly menu plan. This allows me to be sure that my family and I are eating healthier.


I have managed to read three books so far this year. The books continue to pile up. I have two left from Christmas, two that I received to review (with a giveaway) and a book my sister gave me on Friday. I hope I get caught up on my reading this month.


I am going to wrap up my 28 Day Blog Challenge later this week.


How are your 2013 goals coming? Have you evaluated where you are towards achievement of those goals?

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