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I’m not talking about inability to stand on one foot for very long. I’m also not talking about the fact that if I were to take a field sobriety test I would likely fail it stone cold sober. I have no balance.

Today, as I was looking over where I am on my goals for the year, I realized I have no balance in my life. When I run close to 200 miles a month, I do little else besides eat, sleep and maybe occasionally mow the lawn. When I read 20 books in a month, I manage to squeak out 60 miles of exercise but I do not manage to sleep enough or get other things done. I love to run. I love to read. So how do I find the balance?

My annual reading goal has been demolished already this year. I can blame this on the weather. I have not wanted to run a lot in January or February. The brutal cold and the amount of snow this past winter has deterred my running. This has given me all kinds of time to read. I was set to read 50 books this year. I have read 56 to date. I am also in the middle of three others.

My annual running, on the other hand, is not going all that well. I have not hit 100 miles a month in months. I like running 100 miles in a month. I really liked that 194 mile month. I tend to average between 125 and 150 miles a month. I need to pick it up. Hopefully, this will happen.

My other goals are getting done but not through intentional doing. They are just happening. I really want to work on things more intentionally.

Time to start is now.

Do you track your annual goals with monthly check-ins? Do you adjust if you have met or are set to surpass your goals? Do your goals just happen?

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