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Year in Review

I decided last year or the year below that I would do a different type of year in review. Below I have listed my favorite blog post for each of the 12 months in 2012. I did not have much trouble, except in July – where I picked two –  and in December – where most of my posts were recipes and ones that I love.

January – Taste Memory

February – Ten Things I Love About Running – A #runchat inspired post

March – Hummus

April – Ch-Ch-Changes – A 5 for 5 post inspired by Momalom

May – What’s In A Number? – Another 5 for 5 Momalom inspired post

June – Lessons from #RWRunStreak … so far

July – Again and Again and Again plus 2012 Olympics

August – Psychological Effects of Injury

September – Veggie Burger

October – College Students, Parents & Weather Disasters

November – Walkway Over the Hudson

December – Running Improvement


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