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2013 Goals

I don’t think I truly coherently – and I may not be coherent about it again this year – wrote down any goals for 2012. I did post my running goals on my profile at but did not blog about them extensively.

This year I have more goals, though not resolutions. These are goals that are attainable and I can put into small steps to reach them.

Major running goal is to run 13 races in 2013. This goal is inspired by Jill Conyers and you can get to information about 13 in 2013 by clicking on the badge along the right side of my page. I am not running 13 of any particular type or distance of race but 13 overall races in this year.

My second major running goal is to run 1500 miles this year. Many people are running 2013 in 2013 but I am not sure that goal in just running miles is for me. I do think I can run 1500 miles total in the year.

I do want to reach 2013 miles overall – running, walking, biking and swimming. I will use to keep track of these miles.

To help myself stay healthy, I am aiming to walk at least a quarter of a mile as a cool down after every run that is over 5 miles. I do a lot of this now for a number of reasons – safety on the road here being a major reason – but want to put it in writing and put a number to it.

I will eat clean and attempt to keep a vegetarian diet. I have given in recently and eaten some meat as I was craving meat. This is going to end. I love eating clean and cooking to eat clean. To help achieve my eating goal, I will menu plan more and use Sunday to get ready for the upcoming week.

I am going to read at least 24 books in 2013. That is two books a month and is totally doable for me. I may even end up with closer to 30 reads but will aim to get those 24 in during the year.

I am in the process of moving my blog to self-hosting and will blog more consistently throughout 2013.

I am sure I have more goals for the year but these are the ones I want to focus on so the ones I will put out in the open.

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