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January Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

I used to watch posts on Twitter fly by at the end of the month with the hashtag #foodiepenpals and wonder what it is all about. In October, I joined and am so glad I did. I have had one previously fantastic foodie pen pal and this month makes two!! Dawn Robinson sent me some… Continue reading January Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

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State of Education in New York

Just a caveat. These are my personal opinions. None of these are the opinions of the board of education of which I am a member.  The month of January has been a very busy month for education in New York State. Three important events have happened. First, a commission appointed by the governor on education… Continue reading State of Education in New York

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The Problem with Spring Marathons

Okay, I know that is a catchy title but there is no real problem with spring marathons themselves. The problem is I live in Upstate NY and training is difficult. I do not like running inside. I will brave the temperatures and the winds and run outside if at all possible but there are some… Continue reading The Problem with Spring Marathons

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Natural Gas Drilling and Schools and Taxes

I went to a panel discussion yesterday. Did I go to learn anything? I was hopeful but was also doubtful but I did learn something. I had not really thought this through before so want to put it out there for everyone – those who were at the panel and those who were not. There… Continue reading Natural Gas Drilling and Schools and Taxes

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How Does Life Experience Translate into Job Skills?

I have been a freelancer for over 13 years now. After leaving a good job for what I thought, and was sold in the interview, was a better job with more flexibility, my family came first and I turned to freelancing to make a living. Sometimes, I miss the constant weekday interaction of a go… Continue reading How Does Life Experience Translate into Job Skills?

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2013 Goals

I don’t think I truly coherently – and I may not be coherent about it again this year – wrote down any goals for 2012. I did post my running goals on my profile at but did not blog about them extensively. This year I have more goals, though not resolutions. These are goals… Continue reading 2013 Goals