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I love being accountable for the goals I have set. I do tend to keep track of things and break down year long goals into smaller pieces. Because of this – and because of all the fun I had with the December #holidayaday photo challenge, I joined the Goalgetter2013 group.

In running, I had two goals: 13 races in 2013 and a total of 1500 miles running. I will, after getting in my four miles today, have run 132 miles in January. Just taking that amount per month will put me over the 1500 mile total in 12 months time. I know that there will be months when 129 will be a low amount so I am confident, minus any major injury, I will reach this goal.

January All Miles plus 4 today
January All Miles plus 4 today
Jan Running Total plus 4 today








(Sorry about that mess. I cannot figure out why the captions are not both going on the bottom.)

As far as 13 races in 2013, I am well on my way. I ran in three out of the four January Freeze Series 10K races. The fourth weekend I was sick and spent the weekend on the sofa sleeping. I also ran a 5K one of those Saturdays after the 10K was over.

To go onto my other goals, I am not consistently walking after longer runs (over 5 miles) but am trying to remember this.

My reading goal is close to on track. I want to read 24 books and am almost done with book 2. Check back later in February for at least one book review.

How are you doing on your goals for 2013? If there is a problem, this is a good time to reassess or break down the goals into smaller pieces for February.

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