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Hemp Hearts

Disclaimer: I received a free package of Hemp Hearts through my association with Fit Approach. The product came directly from Manitoba Harvest. All opinions are my own. I have to admit my package of hemp hearts from Manitoba Harvest have sat on my kitchen table for too long. I wanted to create something unique with… Continue reading Hemp Hearts

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Year in Review

I decided last year or the year below that I would do a different type of year in review. Below I have listed my favorite blog post for each of the 12 months in 2012. I did not have much trouble, except in July – where I picked two –  and in December – where… Continue reading Year in Review

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Stuffed Dates

Memories are important pieces of each individual. Frequently, we associate or remember different activities that we did with certain people in our past. Again, this holiday memory comes from my grandmother. I grew up in my grandparents’ home from age five. Nowadays this may be more common place but in the mid-60’s, this was an… Continue reading Stuffed Dates

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Review and Giveaway – “The Good Home Cookbook”

The way our society works these days there are no more long cooking sessions at the apron strings of mom and grandma. Actually, my family has so many events, practices and other commitments I often feel like I am a short order cook. I can live with that but the problem comes when children leave… Continue reading Review and Giveaway – “The Good Home Cookbook”

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The Smells and Tastes of the Season

I have been listening to Christmas music for months.  My kids knew I was serious when I put CDs on my mp3 player to use when running. Saturday, I decided to do some holiday baking.  I was heading to a party, needed to take something with me and wasn’t sure what.  I decided to try… Continue reading The Smells and Tastes of the Season

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The Leftover Fridge

No, the refrigerator is not a leftover.  It is, after a 22 pound turkey last Thursday, full of leftovers.  Or, it was is a better way to put it.  Yes, I roasted a 22 pound turkey.  No, I did not have an entire town over for Thanksgiving dinner.  I had myself, my six kids and… Continue reading The Leftover Fridge