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The Smells and Tastes of the Season

I have been listening to Christmas music for months.  My kids knew I was serious when I put CDs on my mp3 player to use when running.

Saturday, I decided to do some holiday baking.  I was heading to a party, needed to take something with me and wasn’t sure what.  I decided to try two new recipes – Cinnamon Roasted Nuts and Mint Meringues.



I gathered my ingredients together.  Those of you who make meringues are probably laughing right now.  I am not a big egg person so bought egg whites in a container.  My mother, now after a lengthy discussion, says I should have used regular egg whites – hoping and praying I got them separated cleanly – or egg white powder.  I guess what I don’t know sometimes does matter. 

I followed the recipe and had a horrible time getting the egg whites stiff, hence the flat mint meringues.

 Mint Meringues

After these were done baking, I started on the nuts.  Now, my first problem was I was on a time schedule and didn’t have almonds in the house.  The recipe did call for almonds.  I love walnuts and they taste great in breads with cinnamon so I decided to substitue.  I really liked them but others were not as fond.
Nuts ready for oven
Nuts ready for oven
I really recommend trying both items.  You will love them.  They are also great on those dreary days when your house is always damp or cold.  Things that need to be in the oven a long time on low heat make the house warmer and they smell great!
Cinnamon Roasted Walnuts
Cinnamon Roasted Walnuts

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