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A Look at January

You all know that making resolutions doesn’t normally last.  I know this to be true but I like to try to check in each month with how I am doing on my aspirations.

I have been creating new items but have not yet submitted anything for publication.

I am well on my way to The Triple Eight Challenge.  I read three of my Penguin Paperbacks in January.  I also read The Art of Happiness by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  I have started three other books that will take me most of the year to work through or read – Celebrate Your Creative Self, Paper Transformed and Simple Abundance.  These were all in January.  I just this past weekend started reading Jimmy Carter’s most recent – Beyond the White House, which I am finding a wonderful book.

I still have not purchased a new pedometer.  It is on my list but I haven’t gotten where I can find one I like.  I did run 75.26 miles in January.  A lot of this was done indoors as the weather in upstate NY in January can be detrimental to your health if you do not take care.  I also have managed to put some strength training into my schedule but not as much as I would like.  I have not yet gotten back to my Pilates as I had hoped.

I did pay some minor debts in January.  I have a few more slated for February so am working towards a debt-free life.

I also did two weeks worth of posted menu plans.  I sort of did a plan in my head when I went grocery shopping at the end of that time frame.  I am currently living in a somewhat rural area but without a car so I have to plan what I need when I get to the store.  I am working on a February menu plan today as Lent starts on Wednesday so my menu planning becomes more essential as I have meatless days that need to be worked into the plan.

I just realized I have not yet heard from the farm I participated in community-supported agriculture yet so I am going to email her today.  I do hope she is still doing this as it was wonderful last summer.  I am set to go with it this summer.

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