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Salmon Patties

I am a huge salmon fan.  Like my fanaticism surrounding the sport of hockey, I find new and delicious ways to serve salmon all the time.  My favorite is simple and grilled on cedar planks. I have also done salmon with lentils in a crock pot.  The lentils cook all day and the salmon goes in on… Continue reading Salmon Patties

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Barbeque Sauce

Not only does barbeque mean different things in different parts of the country, barbeque sauce means different things.  In some areas, sauce could be a yellowish color – mostly mustard-based.  Some are mostly oil-based.  I prefer, as do most of my children, a tomato-based barbeque sauce.  Below is my standby, which I will adapt as… Continue reading Barbeque Sauce

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A Look at January

You all know that making resolutions doesn’t normally last.  I know this to be true but I like to try to check in each month with how I am doing on my aspirations. I have been creating new items but have not yet submitted anything for publication. I am well on my way to The… Continue reading A Look at January

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Aspirations for 2008

I know you all make resolutions. I like to think more lofty so I make aspirations. I did see some great progress in the last quarter of 2007 on some of my yearly aspirations so am heading forward. My aspirations for 2008 are: Be proactive in finding new friends and possibly a more than friend… Continue reading Aspirations for 2008