Weekends, Races and a Winner

Weekends at my house are just messes of people trying to get a lot done in very little time. Last weekend also involved working out a time to go pick up Number Five from college as his “Easter/Passover” break was beginning. On top of that, he had broken a tooth a week ago eating trail… Continue reading Weekends, Races and a Winner

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Crunchmaster Crisps – A Product Review

Just a note. I received two free boxes of Crisps for review purposes. I am giving away some of the products which will ship directly to the winner. A month or so ago, my online friend Trisha said she knew of a company that was looking for a few more bloggers to review their new… Continue reading Crunchmaster Crisps – A Product Review

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Some Parenting Lessons from Steubenville

I was literally sick to my stomach reading the details of testimony in the Steubenville, Ohio rape case that ended in a delinquent on all charges verdict yesterday. As a parent and a person who is involved in education, I am struck by the lose of potential any time a young person makes a bad… Continue reading Some Parenting Lessons from Steubenville

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February Challenge Loop

Yes, I admit it took me until February to jump on the Challenge Loop bandwagon. Challenge Loop is a website that allows you to set up a challenge and invite anyone you want into the challenge. It happens that I found two challenges for the month of February.   The first challenge was Erica’s Killer… Continue reading February Challenge Loop