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St. Pat’s 4 Miler – Race Recap

I do not often have photos from my races as my camera is a DSLR and that is just too big to cart around. Add to that the fact that a shorter race like this one, close to home and I do not wear my fuel belt. I brought it with me but chose to not wear it as I knew the one water stop along the route would be more than enough. That means no camera on my phone either.


I love the St Pat’s 4 Miler. It is just enough longer than a dreaded (I really dislike the 5K distance) 5K that I can truly crank out a good pace. This race goes into downtown Binghamton from St Pat’s Church and then curves back around through the West Side of Binghamton. Other than the normal potholes that are plentiful in most Upstate NY cities in March, the race is on main streets, including Main Street. The first year I ran the race I registered the morning of the race. It has grown so much that now you MUST register in advance. I even got the shirt – a long sleeve, green shirt – this year.


I have managed to get faster each year I have run this race. My first year I ran it in 45:03. Last year I ran it in 42:13. This year my Garmin said 41:23. While there is chip timing, all start at the same time. I was at the back of the pack at the start and it took me a while to get to the start line. I really wasn’t paying attention, talking to others, when suddenly the race started.


On top of a great race, the after race party is a blast. There is always tons of food and – yes, even at 11 in the morning – beer.


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