Weekends, Races and a Winner

Weekends at my house are just messes of people trying to get a lot done in very little time. Last weekend also involved working out a time to go pick up Number Five from college as his “Easter/Passover” break was beginning. On top of that, he had broken a tooth a week ago eating trail mix and had a Monday morning, 8 am dental appointment here at home.


Friday started my weekend with lunch out with a friend. Doug used to work with my father at the local paper. He has moved on to the city of Green Bay but still with the same company. I totally missed him when he was back here last summer. We had lunch and talked for a couple hours. Great to see friends when we don’t get much contact – other than Twitter and Facebook.


So Saturday consisted of me walking about a mile to meet with a school district resident to discuss the budget and where we are headed and how this all happened. I was not intending that to last as long as it did but I was more than happy to spend my time hearing another person’s take on what we maybe should and should have done already and what we maybe should look at doing in the future. While I was having coffee, the youngest was off to pick up Number Five. My daughter was correcting papers. That evening the three older kids heading to the local hockey game while the youngest headed to work. It was great as I had time alone, something I relish.


Sunday meant Palm Sunday Mass with my daughter. She sang in the choir and I was a Palm Waver. Then, home to eat and change and head to my race. The 40th running of the Forks XV started at 2 pm. Daughter stayed home and was again correcting papers.


Of course, the weekend also involved a lot of basketball.


Now the moment you all have been waiting for. Drum roll! Or, in this case, roll of the die.



The winner is Back at Square 0. I’ll be emailing you to get shipping info.

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