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Training Update

The marathon is just under a month away. I really meant to write this yesterday but just didn’t have time to get to it. I have two other races prior to Blue Ridge Marathon – a 15K this Sunday here locally and either a half or a 10K in Ithaca the Sunday before the marathon, hence the reason I haven’t decided whether I am running the half or the 10K yet.


At week 9 of my training, I changed my training plan. I had, ambitiously with hindsight, thought I could get through the Intermediate 2 Marathon program from Hal Higdon. Had I not had three months off last summer, for the most part, due to injury and then not really got back on a full-on training program in the fall, I may have been able to go with the Intermediate 2. But I was constantly exhausted and not able to keep up with some of the weekly amounts of miles. I received Train Like a Mother as a Christmas gift and switched over to the “Own It” marathon plan and am loving it. I think I am going to use this plan in my fall marathon training.


I have my last 20 mile run this weekend. I was aiming to get the 20 miler in yesterday but was so cold after 8+, I couldn’t do it. I spent yesterday evening laying on the couch downing herbal tea and praying I wasn’t getting sick. Not much chance. I woke this morning with a fever and a sore throat. I’ve been hydrating like anything today to keep my throat from getting dry and have been taking it easy, choosing to stay home from Ed Tech Day so I do not contaminate others.


I’ve been doing hill repeats regularly. They are not getting any easier but the weather seems to be getting worse each time I do them. Both the race this Sunday and the half or 10K in April are appropriately hilly. The half more so than either of the other two options. I’ve been doing hill repeats as opposed to a lot of speed work for this upcoming race. Unfortunately, I do not live where there are mountains. Hills, yes! Mountains, no.


I’m concerned I haven’t trained well enough. I always get this feeling about this time. I think the only marathon I thought I was ready for was Pittsburgh, last May, and the weather did me in. Only the race itself will tell if I have prepared enough.


2 thoughts on “Training Update

    1. I’ve sat on responding to this for a few days. Sorry. The training plans would probably be great for anyone. Some of the “mother” humor you would probably get, some not so much. Remind me if we ever end up at a race together and I will pack both the books for you to look over. I think they are great.

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