Training or Overtraining

This training session, which started on December 17th, is my first time trying an intermediate 2 program. I have been exhausted during this particular training period. I know this could have a lot to do with winter colds and not eating right but I also think it may have to do with the amount of training that comes with this new program. I do want to be really prepared for the Blue Ridge Marathon in April but I can’t be constantly tired like this.

I just finished reading Train Like a Mother by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea. There are two training plans in the book for a marathon. The “own it” plan would allow me to pick up mid-way and finish just in time for my April date in Roanoke. By the way, you can expect a book review coming up this week.

My other option is to drop down to the intermediate 1 program which I have used for two of four previous marathons. I am familiar with the plan and would keep my schedule pretty much the same, meaning cross training, rest and long run days would be the same day as they are now.

My decision is to wait until I come home tonight from a running analysis that is sponsored by the local running club. I am, then, going to look it all over and see what I am going to do.

Have you ever thought you had the wrong training plan? What did you do? How do you decide on a training plan?

4 thoughts on “Training or Overtraining

  1. I’ve used the TLAM “Finish it” plan twice now. I used it to finish my first half (The Wineglass) this past September and I feel very ready to cross the finish line of the Lake Effect Half on Sunday. I’m thinking of moving up to the Own It plan for the Nike Women’s Half in April, but I’m not sure my work schedule will allow for that bump.
    I used to suffer chronic injuries when attempting longer distance. I was injury free with their plan. I also like the flexibility they have built in.

    1. If you have little kids, I am so with you. I do not know how people with little children – those that require constant attention – train for anything. Between work – can you join a wellness plan at your school? – and being a mom, training comes in a distance third or probably fourth or fifth. I am thinking seriously – basically have been a bump on a log this week – of making the switch. Thanks for your experience.

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