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Blogging Is …

… local! I’m sure when you sit down to create a new blog post, you do not think local. You are more likely to think of all those people you have never met that may hit that page, have you in their readers and be commenting on your blog post. I am here to tell you, as with almost anything that is good, think globally but act locally. Blogging is local.

As part of the 28 Day Blog Challenge, one item is to find five local blogs. I started off thinking this was an easy one. I meet once a month with a group of ladies who have local blogs. I am in Endicott so they are not all in Endicott but we all live in the same general area. We also have some common, but many more divergent, interests. You  may wonder how I happened into such a group. That’s simple, civic duty! I met one of the women while serving on jury duty.

On to the challenge – I think you should all have a list of local bloggers. I want to give my local bloggers some love so I am going to link to them all in this post. Enjoy! And if you are local to me, let me know your blog.

Writing Chapter Three – Life and Times of a Family – I have met Ashley, the woman behind this blog and the next one.

{Never}Homemaker – Healthy, Balanced & Whole Living – The original blog from Ashley of Writing Chapter Three

Garden Variety Show –  Sunny Hill Farm on Tumblr – I believe Niechelle Wade does the writing on this blog.

Simple Gluten Free Life – A family’s gluten free journey

Ramblin’ with AM

Frugal Upstate – Tips, Tricks, Techniques for Living the Good Life … On a Budget – Jenn is one of the bloggers who meets for lunch once a month.

Garden Shoes Online Blog – Teresa is one of the bloggers who meets for lunch once a month.

Cold Climate Gardening – Hardy Plants for Hardy Souls – Kathy is my original contact with the lunch group. She and I sat on Grand Jury duty for a month together.

The Creekside Cook – Donalyn is a member of the lunch group. This is her newest site.

Donalyn Ketchum Photography – Another of Donalyn’s web sites

Dessert Stalkings – Donalyn’s site

Garden Stalkings – Another Donalyn site

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