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Breakfast of …

… runners.  Or at least one runner I know.

My good friend Steve is training for the Boston Marathon.  He qualified at the 2008 Wineglass Marathon.  One of his goals is to make his long run of the week not less than a half marathon during the training period.  That may not sound like a big deal but here in upstate NY, winter may have a few ideas its own about that.

Sunday, he ran a long run from here in Endicott.  I live in a valley and there are few things around me but hills – some soft and rolling, some steep and never-ending.  To get a 13.1 mile course, he got one of the not so soft and rolling hills to run.

Edson-Pollard Loop
Find more Runs in Endicott/johnson City, New York

To make up for the calorie burn of a run like that – just under 2000 if I recall correctly, a runner needs to eat.

Omelet Pizza

This wonderful looking – and yes, it tasted wonderful, too – was post-run breakfast. It is an omelet with red onion, broccoli, spinach, ham and garlic cheese. This tasted so good I want to keep the pan and have one every day!

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