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Twenty Years Ago in History

The world is a different place for my children than it was for me growing up. Even though my children are now almost 25, 22, 22, 21, 19 and 15, they do look at a map of Europe and do not know that Germany use to be two countries. They do know this from studying it but for the most part, my children have never know two Germanys.

Twenty years ago today, the Berlin Wall came down. Actually, twenty years ago today, East Germany said that citizens could visit family and friends in West Berlin and West Germany freely. The Berlin Wall actually kept East Germans out of West Berlin. There was another barrier, longer than the wall that encircled West Berlin, that separated West Germany and East Germany.

When the East German government, in November of 1989, announced that East German citizens could visit West Germany and West Berlin without restriction, the wall was still in place. Over the following few weeks, it would be chipped away by revelers and the general public. Eventually, the government would take the remainder down with construction equipment.

The final fall of the Berlin Wall was the start of the reunification of Germany into what my children know.

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