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A Sad Day in the Local Economy

For a long time, experts would even say that the New York State economy was not going the way of the US economy.  Now even NY is in trouble.  That trouble was brought even closer to home today when the local paper announced the closing of two local businesses.

First, about 1 pm, the city beat reporter covering the City of Binghamton – John Hill –  broke the story that had been floating around music circles for a while.  The Night Eagle – which had moved to downtown Binghamton to attract larger audiences and have a larger location – was closed for good.  The venue had been open in downtown Binghamton since January 2007, moving from the square in Oxford, New York.  The problem according to the owner – sagging economy and gas costs.

I am just about to close down my computer for the night and I go to check headlines on the same local paper’s website –  What do I see but one stating local restaurant – The Plantation House – is closed.  In this case, the owner cited struggling economy and competition from chain restaurants.  I have to say that those of you who were going to the chain restaurants around were missing out as none of them offered what The Plantation House did.  On top of that, it was just enough “upscale” that it could be a local before prom restaurant.

I know that buying locally farmed goods is a smart move but people, it can’t stop there.  While there is a reason – albeit sometimes an odd one – for the Pizzeria Unos and the WalMarts of the world.  Don’t make going to those places habit.  Expand your horizons and visit a local restaurant – for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you do not know a good one to go to, let me personally recommend a couple to you.  Hurricane Riley’s on Nanticoke Ave in the Union district is wonderful.  It has a great family atmosphere.  The food is spectacular.  If you go, try a baked potato as a meal.  Any of their burgers are great.  Also, tiki fries are spectacular.  If it is lunch time, try a wrap.

If you are looking for comfort food, the restaurant at the Our Country Hearts Log Cabin at the corner of 38B and 26 in Union Center has it.  The food there is good and solid.  Some of the dinner entrees are a bit more than just comfort food too.  The service and food are perfect here.

If you are looking for Italian, everyone says go to Tony’s on Main Street in Endwell or Nick’s on Main Street in the Union district.  If you are in Vestal or Binghamton, go to Grotta Azurawhich is on Main Street across from the Binghamton High School in Binghamton or at the Four Corners in Vestal in the old Little Leon’s building.

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