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Prime Time President

Yes, I was watching the presidential news conference last night.  Did I watch it with the same gusto I watched the first debate of the past election season?  Not a chance.  I have seen enough of President Obama for March.  I am not talking about enough clips on nightly news or cable news networks.  I… Continue reading Prime Time President

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Living in Tough Economic Times

We all have come to the realization that times are tough.  Those of us who have previously studied economies and economics probably acknowledge times are going to get worse before they get better.  We are all cutting our expenses where we can.  The bigger question is, “are there places we shouldn’t cut costs?”   MarketWatch… Continue reading Living in Tough Economic Times

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Obama and the Economy

Granted, the economy is probably on more Americans’ minds than why Bill Richardson withdrew his name from Secretary of Commerce consideration.  Granted, the economy should be the number one issue on Capitol Hill and on the mind of the incoming president.  This is evident in the address President-elect Obama gave today at George Mason University… Continue reading Obama and the Economy

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The Economy and Politics

I know that the economy is in dire straights – a favorite band of my from my high school days.  There are times, though, when humor helps situations that are dire. I laughed as GOP members passed out tire gauges after Barack Obama said that voters could save energy by properly inflating their tires.  My… Continue reading The Economy and Politics

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A Sad Day in the Local Economy

For a long time, experts would even say that the New York State economy was not going the way of the US economy.  Now even NY is in trouble.  That trouble was brought even closer to home today when the local paper announced the closing of two local businesses. First, about 1 pm, the city… Continue reading A Sad Day in the Local Economy