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The 3/50 Project

I have blogged previously about local establishments that have had to close their doors.  With the majority of retail spending being done in the next month, I think now is a great time to introduce you all to The 3/50 Project.


As the main page on the web site says, what three independently owned stores would you miss if they closed?  I am sure I have a list of many more than three.  Also, my list includes some local artists who may not have a brick and mortar location.


The idea is that money spent at these local businesses not only helps the business stay running but also directly helps the local economy more than the money spent at, say, a big box store.


I know as well as everyone else that the latest and greatest toy on every child’s list is not going to be found at Tom’s Coffee and Gifts but you might find a gift there for an adult on your holiday list.  I realize that you will look at the mall and find all kinds of jewelry on sale at a Kay’s or Jared’s but have you looked at Conti’s or Ruby and Sons or Van Horn’s in Owego.


One of my favorite local shopping experiences was on the Art Trail in October.  I am heading up to Gary Rith’s open studio this weekend.  He is open from 12-4 Friday and Saturday but if a drive to Etna is not your thing, try visiting his Etsy shop.


Another great place to shop is with Stephanie Levy.  Her jewelry is amazing.


In Binghamton, several local businesses have pooled advertising resources.  They advertise together and promote your shopping local.  There is something to be said for helping yourself by helping your local economy.


So head out with a plan in mind this Friday.  Try not to spend all your money at the big box stores and give some to your local business of choice.

8 thoughts on “The 3/50 Project

    1. Won’t be the only time this week, Gary. I have already written Friday’s post and have it stashed away to come up so I can sleep in and then head your way. Think I might be bringing a friend also.

  1. I completely agree! Hubs and I have really started doing this with restaurants; we refuse to eat at the chains anymore, because we have quite a few wonderful, original, local eateries that we want to support.

    Terrific idea–let’s pass it on!

    1. TKW – you are so right! Wait til you hear about the new local bakery I visited this weekend. If only you were closer.

    1. JenLo – Definitely a neat idea! I always think of the ads that Tom’s and Kovarik’s do on the radio, where they all support each other.

  2. My father was a huge proponent of local businesses. To this day I can hear him say something along the lines of, “Let’s go down to ____, I want to give him the business. He’s a good guy.”

    And now…I think the same way. When I can I go local. I go small business. The chains will do just fine.

    Thanks for the awareness. And for the link to 3/50. I had never seen that before.

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