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Shop Local

Yes, again!  I will drive this thought home every chance I get as I believe it is important to support our local businesses.

In 2008, the City of Binghamton did a push at holiday time for local shopping in the city.  I have not heard or seen anything like it since that time.  Some local businesses have taken to advertising as a cooperative but it is not the same thing and I think there are five or six of them that are together.

Last holiday season, I recall hearing ads on the radio to shop in Johnson City but have not heard them yet this year.  One local mall is in Johnson City but the ads were for Main Street, not the mall.

I have recently blogged about The 3/50 Project and shopping locally during yesterday’s Black Friday rush. Yesterday, I became aware of a concerted effort by over 70 businesses in the Greater Ithaca area to promote local shopping.  Granted, Ithaca is about 40 miles away but that is not a long trip for me since I do have at least one client in that area.

Local First Ithaca has its own web site and a fan page on Facebook.  By shopping locally, you can get a stamp at participating shops and enter for chances to win cash cards.  This is a wonderful way to advertise and to spread the advertising across many businesses so the cost is not exorbitant.

Let me know what you have found for shopping locally.  Where are you and should we all come support your local economy by shopping in your town?

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