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Black Friday

I have blogged about Black Friday many times.  I have mentioned Black Friday in even more posts.  That having been said, I am going out this Friday.  I am heading to Etna, NY to a pottery studio to do some holiday shopping.  If you would like to support an artist, you can see Gary’s items on his Etsy shop.


I wrote, back in 2006, about both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Then, in 2007, I wrote about Black Friday again.  So I know you are all thinking, “what more could she possibly have to say?”


I use to be a confirmed Black Friday shopper.  I would get the Sunday paper and every weekday paper the week of Thanksgiving.  After the turkey went in the oven on Thursday morning, before heading to Mass, I would plot out the following morning’s madness.  What the heck was wrong with me?


This year I have joined a group on Facebook, The 350 Project.  The challenge for this Black Friday is to stop into at least one locally owned business and spend money there.  Tell the business owner how thankful you are that he or she is in business.  Don’t let the big stores lure you in.  Shop local and keep your money in your community.

10 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. What an excellent idea. I don’t do “Black Friday” because I hate the crowds (and the morning). I do, however, think supporting local businesses is something that is worth doing. I think I will try that this year.

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