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Happy Thanksgiving!

I know, everyone is doing a gratitude entry.  I have held off.  I am just not sure I can voice all those people, all those happenings, all the good in my life.  You, nor I, do not have the time but I will try anyway.  Know that, as with any great thank you, someone, something will be forgotten.


I am thankful, as a freelancer, that I have work.  Many businesses have cut their freelancers as well as full-time employees.  I do not want to have to pick up a retail job if it is not totally necessary.  I am not saying it might not come to this but at the moment, all is good due to a new client I picked up in September.


I am thankful, though they often frustrate me, for all six of my wonderful children.  They bring more joy and happiness to my life than they will ever know.


I am thankful for my friends, those who live close and those who may not live so close.  We laugh together.  We run or walk together.  We pray together.  We live life together.  And that living would not be as sweet without friends.


I am thankful for my family.  Most do not live all that close to me but we see each other when we can.  I love you all!


I am thankful for the blogging community.  Many of you have been visiting me for a long time.  Many of you may have just come by recently.  While I write for me – these ideas have to come out of my head somehow, they would not mean nearly as much to me if you were not there reading them.  Thank you for reading and hopefully, we will all meet someday.


I am thankful for my health.  It has taken me a long time to get on a path that was healthy.  It will take a lot of work to stay on this path.  I will persevere.  I have written about how I got to the place I was in when I started living healthier in 2007 in two different blog entries – Healthy Lifestyle Journey, Part I and Healthy Lifestyle Journey, Part II.  I will continue to work on my physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


I am, last but by no means least, thankful for those I don’t know but for whom a life of service to our country is important.  They sacrifice their family lives so that I can have mine.  They sacrifice their freedoms so we can have ours.


There are so many more people and, yes, things that I am thankful for but I am getting ready for Mass, a run and a day of fun in the kitchen.


Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Six. I don’t know how you do it. But you do! Thank you for this lovely post. There are always moments and people to be grateful for.

    So glad to have met you.

    (Must get back to my turkey basting!)

    Happy holiday,

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