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Black Friday

Cash Register

I swore I was done! I wasn’t going shopping on Black Friday. I wasn’t going to subject myself to the zoo that is shopping on this particular day.

I have done it in the past. When I had six young children who always wanted the “hot” toy for Christmas, it was the only way to afford it all. Now I am to the point where the sanity I save by spending a bit more later or earlier in the shopping season is worth it.

Things change, though. My son’s diving coach is leaving at the end of the month. The boys wanted to get him a drill set as he has always wanted one but never had one. My son, being the oldest in the group, is in charge of the surprise party and the gift. Off I went – ads to three different stores in hand – to get a cordless drill set.

I cringed as I went across the bridge and all the cars got off to the same shopping area. I cringed as, at ten of six in the morning, there was a line outside the Joann Fabrics store. I decided to not cringe as I was in the left lane going five miles over the speed limit and cars were flying by me on the right.

Luck was with me! I pulled into the parking lot to find a parking space that was the first on after the handicapped spaces. I walked into the store and practically into the display of drill sets. I walked right up to a register – no line at all. I was there and back in about 42 minutes – not bad considering on a good day it can easily take 15 minutes to get over there.

Happy Shopping!


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