Just my Thoughts

Ho, Ho, Ho

The headline on the article said “Santas told to stop saying ho, ho, ho.” Upon further reading, it says that women would be offended.

Come to find out, this is not happening in the politically correct and also politically sensitive US. This is happening in Sydney, Australia. Santas in Sydney have been told not to say “ho, ho, ho” but use “ha, ha, ha” instead so as to not offend.

I find it offensive that someone thinks I am dense enough to think Santa going “ho, ho, ho” means he is calling myself or some other woman around him a whore. What is the world coming to? If you think Santa is calling you names when he says “ho, ho, ho,” then maybe you ought to look in the mirror before going out of the house. You probably should also stay away from places where there are small children.

My thoughts are this falls under politcally absurd, not politically correct.

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