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Traditions – An October Altered Book Challenge

And what a challenge it was! I had visions in my head. I knew what I wanted to do. There were words flying around my mind. Then, I started looking for stamps that were representative of these words. I started looking through my drawers for things that said the words – ribbons, envelopes, pictures. I… Continue reading Traditions – An October Altered Book Challenge

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A Classic on Tonight

Tonight, one of my favorite shows will air. At 8 pm on ABC will be It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I am partial to Charlie Brown shows but this is a fall classic. Not many others have Halloween shows. The fact that it is airing tonight – the night before Halloween – is wonderful… Continue reading A Classic on Tonight

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A Speech Worth Reading

I have said it before. I include it in my profile on many, including dating, sites. I am a political junkie. I knew John Edwards was making a speech today. I knew I wouldn’t be able to listen. I went looking for the copy and found it. It is lengthy but well worth reading. It… Continue reading A Speech Worth Reading

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When do you print a name in the newspaper?

I realized this morning that I hold a double standard. As much as I would like to be a fair and unbiased person, I realized this morning I am not. A while back, there was a man in our area that was arrested on suspicion of several sex crimes with minors. The children allegedly involved… Continue reading When do you print a name in the newspaper?

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What do you know about the political process?

We all should, as adults, trot off to the ballot box at least once a year. Actually, if you live in New York State, it is twice a year as school district elections in all but the Big Five Districts are held in May and municipal and state elections in November. We should all, also,… Continue reading What do you know about the political process?