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San Francisco

San Francisco

I am not a city girl. I love living in the setting I do. I am even outside of town and town is a small upstate village. I do have neighbors that I can see their homes but no sidewalks, sometimes no plows in a storm for hours. It doesn’t bother me at all.

There are, though, two cities that I love. I am talking huge cities. One is on the east coast and I will get to that one but the other is on the west coast and is on TV today. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the US.

The CBS Early Show – my morning background noise today – has its weather person on Pier 39. Seeing that brought back such memories. I was starting my second trimester with my second pregnancy. I had just turned 25 and found out on my 25th birthday that the pregnancy was twins! The trip to California was to visit my mom and stepdad but also included a day in San Francisco and a drive up the coast to Washington.

When The Early Show started talking about Pier 39 (evidently 10 million people visit Pier 39 a year), I went right to the photo haven here at home. I pulled out two pics from the 1986 trip.

This was a trip full of memories – a ring made from a pearl I picked out of the oyster on the pier (my mom said, and probably still would say, very touristy), a boat trip and walking tour of Alcatraz (they were concerned about me walking the tour as it is a steep incline and I looked more than starting my fourth month), cable car rides, dinner on the Bay.

What a city!

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