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How do you measure progress?


We all strive to be our best – whether in work, art, spirit or body. So when you start working out to be the best body you can be, how do you measure progress?

Do you own scales that you are constantly on? I find this extremely deceptive as we all know muscle weighs more than fat so as you turn your fat into muscle, you shouldn’t necessarily drop weight after a certain point. On top of that, I don’t own a set of scales so have to weigh myself when I am near some.

Do you go with the pants are loose method? I run. I walk. I do pilates. I can tell when I have been getting results not only by being able to go further, go longer, do more but by the way my clothing fits. This is, for me, a big one.

So, yesterday, I was out on the road for a quick mile or two. I am running along in a tee shirt and shorts – it was really nice yesterday morning. All of a sudden I hear a clinking noise on the road. My cuff had fallen off. I wear a really nice silver cuff. It is not too wide – circular in shape. I had jiggled it right off my left wrist while running. I figured it was a fluke so I backtracked, picked it up and put it back on. I was almost to the bridge when I realized it was missing again. I had to really backtrack this time to find it. Guess it wasn’t a fluke after all. I put in on my right wrist and continued. Why is it that body parts we don’t really pay attention to – my wrists – get smaller?

Are you a tape measure type person? I only get out the tape measure when I am sewing something and need it to fit right the first time. I stick with how my pants – or some days my cuff – fits.

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