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Feed the Need

I was just recently reading a number of different news stories on the increase in numbers of meals being given to people by local food banks.  The most recent article comes from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle via Twitter.


I want to encourage you to help those who are your neighbors and maybe not your neighbors this holiday season.  You will sit down to a table that has food on it.  The table may not contain everything you like but it will, most likely, be full.  Not all people and families are this lucky.


Last weekend, I took two grocery bags to church with me.  One was a bag that I had picked up from church previously.  It had on it many items for a Thanksgiving dinner.  It also had some optional items.  I bought everything that was on the list and returned the bags – two paper bags almost full – to church to be distributed along with a turkey to a family that  needed these items.


I am, along with my family, participating in Project Feed Me.  You can read more about my initial thoughts back on October 9th.  The project is half over but the cost is not astronomical.  You can join now and when the 12th week comes, simply take the food to your local food pantry.


This Saturday I am going to see the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train.  The cost to get into the train yard – food for CHOW, the Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse.  In the 11 years the CP Holiday Train has been running, they have raised $4 million dollars and 2 million pounds of food.


Please consider sharing your wealth with those in your community less fortunate.

6 thoughts on “Feed the Need

  1. Nicki, This is such a wonderful thing to do. It’s so important to reach out, do more, remember others who have less. Thank you for sharing this. It’s more than we can do right now, but we’ll get there. And in the meantime, we’ll do what we can, offering our old wool sweaters to folks who need warmth and teaching our kids that not everyone has a house and toys and a FAMILY.

    1. Jen – The teaching is the important part. I know friends of my kids that don’t get it. They see the grocery bag before or the cans for Project Feed Me and do not understand there is a need. I guess this turned into too much of what I have done this year but it does feel good and there have been years when I couldn’t so…

  2. You have given me many wonderful ideas. My hubby and I will be staying in town for this holiday, due to new baby, and we have wanted to find someway to help those in need. We are poor college students, be we are rich in so many ways. Project feed me sounds like an excellent idea.

    I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts on Momalom. I have been meaning to meander over here, but have had babies to contend with. Now, I will be a regular visitor.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ambrosia. I visit your site frequently now that I found it via Momalom. Visit when you can. The joy of the blog – it will be there when you have time.

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