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Project Feed Me

Project Feed Me

Project Feed Me is a nine week program designed to help feed hungry families.  While people from all over the world are participating, the food is given to you local food bank.

In the US, you can find your local food bank here.  If you cannot find one listed, I suggest contacting a local social services office or your own house of worship for a food bank near you that can use the food items you collect.  If you are reading my blog from somewhere other than the US, I would suggest those two starting places if you do not know of a local food bank.

To participate in Project Feed Me, you need to do four things.

  1. Register!  Registration is free and takes very little time.  It is also a way to track the impact that Project Feed Me has.
  2. Commit to buying two of the recommended food items per week.  The list of recommended food items will be posted each Monday, starting Monday, October 12, on this blog.  ***The recommended food items are a list of items that have been predetermined by Food Banks across the country. The recommended food items will be posted every Monday Starting Monday October 12. It will be your responsibility to check back each week to find out what the weekly item is and ensure you are buying the foods that are recommended and  needed by the food banks.**
  3. Commit to getting three others to participate.
  4. At the end of nine weeks, deliver your food to your local food bank.

And, so you can see the effect of a project like this, you can visit Natalie’s blog here.  About two-thirds of the way down the page, there is a table that shows the impact.

Help those who need food!  Join Project Feed Me.

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