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Questions, Beliefs and Faith

Do you ever question your beliefs? Your faith?   Beliefs are grown and brought about through life. Because life is constantly changing, one would think beliefs would also constantly change. In many cases, people do not see this and wonder why they feel so out of sync with their own lives. My thought process brings… Continue reading Questions, Beliefs and Faith

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Faith is Not …

I am just now reading Ronna Detrick‘s e-newsletter and, as always, she has me thinking.  She has me thinking about faith and what it is and, definitely more importantly, what it is not.   Faith is not going to church or worship every week.  This act may be inspired by your faith in a higher… Continue reading Faith is Not …

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Put Yourself First

I tend to not think of myself as selfish.  I am sure, when the boys ask for something and are told I am busy or some other response, they think so.  I am not.  I just finished reading an article by Rebecca Pratt about putting yourself first. Pratt hits the nail on the head as… Continue reading Put Yourself First