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Questions, Beliefs and Faith

Do you ever question your beliefs? Your faith?


Beliefs are grown and brought about through life. Because life is constantly changing, one would think beliefs would also constantly change. In many cases, people do not see this and wonder why they feel so out of sync with their own lives. My thought process brings me to the feeling that out of sync comes when one’s beliefs do not jive with one’s life.


Faith is a growth medium. Medium, you may ask. Yes, medium. One of the definitions of medium is surrounding objects, conditions or influences. That is definitely what faith is. It surrounds you. It is a condition of your environment. It is an influence on your thoughts and actions. It is a lens through which you live.


Since it is a growth area, that indicates faith changes. Faith may not change as much as life in general or beliefs specifically but it does change.


There can be surface changes to one’s faith. A different denomination of Christianity. A different belief than Christianity.


Then, there are deep-seeded changes to one’s faith. Do you believe in a higher power? When you no longer do, that is a massive movement of your faith. A massive change in your beliefs. Most likely, a massive change in your life.

Do you believe in marriage? Is it a religious institution for you? Is it a civil institution? Is not a necessity as long as family is there? Some people never question institutions like marriage. People presume these will always be around. I can remember, from a young age, thinking marriage was not in my future. Funny thing was I got married at 22. Almost 30 years later, I received my divorce decree. My marriage was in the church but my divorce was from a civil court. How do the two reconcile? I am not sure they do.


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