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Race Schedule

I think I finally have my schedule – at least my race schedule – figured out for March and April. No, I have yet to make a decision on May yet. There are so many possibilities for May.

March has three races scheduled. The St Pat’s 4 Miler will kick the month off on the second Saturday of the month. This is a local race I’ve run for three years. I’ve consistently taken a little time off my pace each year but am thinking this time it will be good to just hold steady at under 44 minutes.

It’s a nice cool down type of race for me a week prior to my half in Asheville.

Asheville Marathon
Asheville Marathon

While I am not running the full in Asheville, I am looking forward to the trip and the race. I’m going to be helping out at the expo so look for me if you live down there (and Matt and Trish – two friends of mine that live in Asheville – know I will be in touch!). I’m also trying to pick up a freelance assignment while I am there but we’ll see.

Forks XV - which I have run 3 times
Forks XV – which I have run 3 times

Then, after I get back from Asheville, I am helping with bib pick up Friday night before the Forks XV. I’ll run the race on Sunday. Hopefully, and it is truly wishful thinking now, the winter weather will have left us and the race will not be too bad but I have memories of the Forks race being brutal at least one of the years I ran it.

When April rolls around, I will be heading to DC for the first weekend of the month. Instead of staying home and running the Skunk Cabbage – this will be the first year since I started racing I haven’t run the half there – I will be running the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler. I’ve run two 10 mile races previously – Mountain Goat my first year of racing and the Ithaca 5 & 10 that same fall. I am hoping to set a PR at this distance in DC. I’m also hoping for a great weekend down there.

BRM_Official (1)

The end of April I am heading back to Roanoke. I absolutely loved running the Blue Ridge Marathon last year, with the exception of running down Peakwood. Since the race was so nice as to put Peakwood in the half, I am running the half this year. I cannot wait. I am also trying line up a few things for while I am in Roanoke.

After this is all over, I am toying with the Bridge run here the first weekend in May but I haven’t gotten to that point yet.

What races are you running the next couple of months?

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