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Superior Justice – A Book Review

Years ago, probably more than 16 years, a friend of mine recommended Jan Karon’s novels about an Epsicopalian priest in a small North Carolina town. The setting enamored me and the characters, particularly Father Tim, had me buying the entire series and all those books associated with the series. I think I may have found my own answer to Karon’s novels.

Tim Hilpert’s Superior Justice left me wanted to buy the entire series and find out more about the Lutheran pastor that is the main character. Add to the plots, a touch of preaching and a small Great Lakes town and I could even see myself in the area in which the books are set.

Pastor Jonah is a young widower, his college sweetheart wife having been murdered five years before the book is set. He is a pastor of a Lutheran church in Grand Lake, a small Minnesota town on Lake Superior. He has a family background in law enforcement so tends to get involved in the mysteries of the town. While his normal digging seems to be spot on in this book, he makes one big mistake with one person.

All I can say is pick up the book. Give it a read with an open mind. Particularly, open your mind to the possibility that forgiveness is there for the asking.

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