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I’m going back to something I have loved in the past but I have drifted from for whatever reasons or excuses I’ve given myself. I’m going to start taking part in the Twitter chat #chsocm – all about church and social media.

@NickiinNC on Twitter
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I have started a new position here in North Carolina. I’m the faith formation coordinator for St Margaret of Scotland in Maggie Valley, NC. While this is not the town I live in, it is where I attend church. I have always attended church where I felt the most at home when I was there, not necessarily the church I live closest to. The Faith Formation year is scheduled to start September 18th. I am in the heat of the planning for this new year. Supplies are ordered, thanks mostly to Dawn who held the position previously. I have a meeting tomorrow night with the catechists – most of whom I have not met yet.

So tonight is going to be spent tweeting about church, finding prayers, finding answers to questions I have, and figuring this all out.

Have you ever taught your faith in a classroom setting?

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