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The 8th Goal Review of the Year

On target or not?
On target or not?

Once again, it is time to review my annual goals. Some are wonderful. Some are just plan bad. Some need to have a renewed focus the last four months of the year. Some are cruising along just fine.


I will not run any full marathons this year. 

This has been easy for me. Probably nudge along by my inability to get down to a consistent training level. I am thinking maybe in 2017 I will take on marathon number eight.

I will end the year with a combined mileage of 2016.

 As I said in June and July, this particular goal has gone by the wayside. I’m embarrassed to say August was my lowest mileage month to date in 2016. It’s possible it is the lowest mileage month I’ve had without injury period. I had a combined hiking, walking and running mile total of 42 miles. To think that six years ago, when I was in what was undoubtedly my best shape ever, my August monthly running total – running miles only – was 192 makes me wonder what is going on. I will give myself a bit of grace here and keep trudging along.

I will embrace strength training.

For whatever reason, I seem unable to embrace strength training at all. I am going to attempt to schedule this into my days for the next four months to be sure I get some of it into my weeks and months.


I am still looking for additional goals in this area. My two for the year were my son’s wedding in May and later that month my move to North Carolina.


Two of these goals – the final piece of my divorce being filed and processed AND paying off one ParentPLUS loan – are done. I am working at scheduling regular savings to be set aside. This may have been put on hold for my first three months in NC as it took some time to get my driver’s license so I could put my funds in a local account. Long story!


I will find and join an Asheville CSA.

As I have said previously, I did not find a CSA that would fit in with my move. I have found a local farmstand. I do most of my fresh vegetable and fruit shopping there. I also get my eggs and cheeses there.

I will menu plan.

I have totally failed at this. I need to be better at it as, with a plan, I do not skip meals. I also actually prepare meals that are good for me.

I will eat whole, healthy foods.

This is, for the most part, a given for me. I even tend toward clean, whole foods when I am eating out. I also tend towards non-fried – although this has become a little more fried food time since moving south – items when I can. Being a vegetarian, it is easier, I think, to get whole, healthy foods when out.

How often do you review your goals? What is your process for setting goals? Do you set and forget?

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