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Life’s Journeys

I’ve written about my journey to a healthy lifestyle many times. I think I may be up to a part four when I write about it again. I did, though, just realize that maybe I should really think of this healthy living as more of a journey than I have in the past. I should compare it to other journeys – such as my journey to, from and back to my faith.

I grew up in a family that was very active in the Episcopal church I went to as a child. The bishop was actually coming to my church to do confirmation and I was not technically old enough. My grandmother was adamant I would be confirmed in my home church so she pushed and won her way. Not that I am sure I knew what I was doing but I went through the steps and was confirmed as a 12 year old.

As an older teen, I went away from home to college. I wanted to get as far from home as I could. I remembered this as an adult and pushed my children to go further than an hour’s travel time from home. Sometimes, I need to remember that one size does not fit all. I went through a nature period. After all, I was at a college earning a degree in forestry. I stopped going to a church – as in a building. I would go to services that were held outdoors. I would just go walking through the woods and talk to God. Looking back, while this may have been a time when I was questioning God, I was also drawn closer to Him than previously.

Then, I boomeranged back to organized religion – only I know longer felt comfortable in the church I grew up in. I truly believe that this was due to the atmosphere in the church I was attending as I moved from rural two year college to big city four year university. I started searching and looking into other denominations. Not strange at all – as many dogma are the same in the Episcopalian and the Catholic churches – I immediately was drawn to the Catholic church. I enrolled in an inquiry class and then became a Catholic 30 years ago this past Easter.

I’m still journeying, trying to reconcile my life as a soon-to-be divorced woman with a lesbian daughter to the rules and regulations of a Catholic church that I frequently disagree with, in my faith so do not understand why I feel journeys in other parts of my life should happen so much quicker. Let’s be honest. With yesterday’s birthday, I’ve been journeying towards God and into faith for 40 years if you go back to that rushed confirmation.

Do you sometimes question your faith? Do you think other journeys in life should go by quickly while some we easily acknowledge take a lifetime?

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