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Lo*ca*lei*kki #PlayLocal

I know you are looking at that and wondering what the heck I’m thinking! I’m thinking I want to tell you about a just-released app – if you have an iPad or iPhone – or a website that I discovered a while ago if you don’t.


I love to have a place to run when I travel. When I started running, I had three kids in college, one living in a city to the north of us and two at home. It took a year or so for me to be comfortable running when I was visiting any of the college kids or my son who was living in Syracuse. I did get over that and would just look around where I was staying or the campus the kids were on or the area around my son’s home to decide where to run when I was visiting. While this is all good, I did not know if the areas were necessarily safe. I do not believe that I have ever run some place that people who live there would not but there is always that chance.


Enter the app or website of Localeikki. Locals post places to run or bike or hike – get active – in their area. While there are over 300 places on the site now, there is always a need for more. I want to run at my mom’s in California without remembering my sister, years before, telling me would get shot if we went to X town – a town I ran in while visiting. I want to share the sights seen while running near my youngest’s then college along the Hudson River. I want you all to feel safe when you come to the greater Binghamton area, whether you are looking for trails or roads to run on, roads to bike or just a place to stroll.

So for all you out there that want to give this a try, I’m giving away $2 to an iPhone or iPad user for downloading the app. I want you all to know where you can be active and play local.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just your normal disclaimer here. I am a localeikki ambassador. I do not get paid to be one but I have received merchandise for promoting the app, the website and for adding information to the website.

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