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Quarterly Goal Review

Hard to believe a quarter of 2013 has already gone by. I am loving this year but not a huge fan of how winter is hanging on here in Upstate NY. Unlike in February, I did add to my goal of running 13 races in 2013. I ran the St Pat’s 4 miler at the beginning of March and the 40th Forks XV on the 24th. This puts me at 6 races towards my 13 total for the year. Next up this month are Skunk Cabbage and the Blue Ridge Marathon.


As for my total mileage goal for 2013, I am aiming for 2013. My paltry 396 total miles so far does not look good for this particular goal but I will say that my biking and other outside activities will pick up once we get out of cold weather here. I also know that I have done at least one one hour inside bike ride but no idea how many miles that would equate to so I put that out there. I’m not concerned I am a bit low on this right now.


I have gotten back into my cool down walk of at least a quarter mile after runs of more than five miles. I sort of let this slip during February and am not sure why. I know this is good for my legs and other muscles.


Clean eating, for the most part, is going fine. I did, though, skip my vegetarian diet for the delicious Parmesan crusted pork my son made for Easter. I will say that I am not sure this was a good idea. First, it was a day that I had indulged in candy. Then, meat. My stomach was not happy with me later in the evening.


I did not finish a single book in March. Consequently, I am three books behind on my 24 books for the year goal.


Am I unhappy with my progress towards 2013 goals? No. Do I see room for improvement? You bet!


Do you set goals at the beginning of a new year? How are you doing on these goals? Remember goals are just words if you do not check in on them occasionally.

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