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Meal Planning

I feel like I have been floundering by not planning out weekly meals. I have not ever planned all the meals of the day but I do plan out dinner for the week. Today, inspired by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean, I set about to get back to meal planning – and as is Lindsay’s thing, cooking a lot of it in advance on Sunday. Unfortunately, I can’t cook a lot until I get some of the leftovers from Fri and Sat out of my fridge as I have no room so this week is only a meal planning week.

Monday – chili – vegetarian and with meat

Tuesday – Mardi Gras – pancakes with sausage and applesauce (this is a leftover from my childhood)

Wednesday Рday of abstinence and fasting РCheesy Quinoa Bites with a salad

Thursday – potato soup

Friday – day of abstinence – Church fish dinner

Saturday – leftovers (most likely chili or soup)

Sunday – chicken breasts in some manner, potatoes (mashed), veggies

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