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Do you know what CTE is? Do you have any idea why this may be important?

Recently, goals for high school educators has been to have students college or career ready when they graduate high school. CTE helps with the later of these two goals – career readiness. Career and Technical Education is generally provided outside a regular classroom setting. In years past, it has been vocational education. Many different fields are offered under CTE: welding, construction, carpentry, culinary arts, cosmetology, plumbing, electrical work, video production, criminal justice. These skilled trades are important to our everyday lives and not having them would be detrimental.

February is National CTE Month. Take some time this month to see what your area offers for students in the area of CTE. Do students who do not necessarily want to go to college have an option of this type of training while still in high school? Can these students get credit towards graduation for taking such courses? The answers to both questions should be an overwhelming YES!

Not all students learn the same way. Not all students need to attend a four year college to have a fulfilled life. Many students learn better with a hands-on approach. Many students want to be a skilled tradesperson in life. I am not saying that CTE is for everyone anymore than regular high school is. I am saying CTE is an option to prepare students for life after high school. It is a great option.

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