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I spent Monday working on a few back end pieces of this blog. I did a couple of hours of work, making sure that each and every post was in a category. After that was done I started making sure each and every post had at least one tag. I have over 1,400 posts so this took the majority of my time last evening. I kept thinking I should be writing but I wanted to finish. I did not. I managed to get totally through 57 of 71 pages of posts. I will work on finishing off those last pages tonight.

All that work is part of the 28 Day Blog Challenge I last wrote about. I am also in a plank on five out of seven days of each week from February 4th until March 4th. I used to participate in the Twitter #plankaday. When I started that challenge, I was managing a one minute plank. It was not pretty but it was getting done. Yesterday’s and today’s planks were only 45 seconds. I know I will get to those one minute planks again and am hoping to up my time in plank to two minutes or two minutes and a half.

On top of all this, I haven’t run all miles I am supposed to run since last Thursday. Last Friday was a rest day which was good as I had a lot of appointments and other items to do. Saturday I managed to get in five of my eight scheduled miles. It was very cold outside so I opted to run inside. My calf muscle started to bother me. I could barely walk when I was done. I didn’t run my scheduled ten mile long run on Sunday. Monday, I did manage to walk three miles. Today, though, I was scheduled for four miles and didn’t get it in as I was busy at the high school with a fruit delivery.  While helping to carry someone’s fruit order out, my sore muscle felt even worse for some reason. I was not carrying anything very heavy. It was dark when I got home. I opted to not run four today.

My life is getting back to normal. I will run tomorrow. I will finish up the day four piece of the blog challenge. I will manage, before March 4th, to do a two minute and a half plank.

2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Having changed what’s visible and not on my blog over the years, I neglected the “Category” section for most of my posts. I’ve been slowly trying to fix that, but have several hundred posts remaining. Not that anyone would ever care or change what gets found on my site too much, but it bugs me seeing “uncategorized.” 🙂

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