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Holiday Helper for the Runner on Your List

I know. It’s December 21st. What am I doing posting a list of possible gifts for the runner on your list? Let’s be honest. Someone, probably more than one someone, will be out there braving weather and crazy crowds this weekend to finish up, hopefully not to start, Christmas shopping. I want to help!

Here is a list of items, most of which I have myself, that I am pretty sure any runner would love to have in a box under the tree or in a stocking on Tuesday morning.

At the top of my wish list for any holiday is race entry fees. I have a continual list of races I want to run and am more than willing to help anyone who wants to pay for such fill out the entry form. Just a caveat, try not to choose the race yourself as you may not pick the right race.

Massages are also great gifts. I have had a hard time finding a masseuse I like but am pretty easy going about trying just about anyone. If you have an athlete on your gift list, a massage is a great gift.

Not all runners will want one of these little gems but almost everyone should have one. A pedometer makes a great gift. It encourages all people to move more which is what is important, especially since I would presume you care about those with whom you are celebrating the holidays.

As I blogged about earlier in the week, a collapsible water bottle is something I think every runner should have. I have managed to work through two of these and now have found a great supply of them at the local Dollar Tree store so can replace and share with friends with little cost.

A fuel belt is not for everyone. That being said, I am not sure I could do long runs or marathons without mine. First off, my fuel belt has a bib holder on it so I do not have to pin my race bib on my clothing. Second, I like to be able to drink when I want to have some water or other fluid. While I have run many races relying only on race provided fluids, that does not always work out well for me. My belt is from iFitness and you can look at it here.

If your runner lives in an area where snow is the norm for a part of the year, you may want to consider some type of traction device. In other words, your runner needs Yak Trax or something similar. Many companies make items like this but of all the brands I have heard of, my friends prefer Yak Trax.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell everyone the top gift for a runner. I think a membership to the local running club is really important to help support your runner and running in your area. I wrote all about local running clubs over on blog.

I do not profess that this is by any means a complete list. I also believe I personally asked for a foam roller and several books. Any gift that helps a runner get out on the trail or the road or the track is a gift a runner will love.




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