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Water Bottle

Last week I wrote a piece on that discussed the one thing I see is missing from every runner’s Holiday wish list. I want to tell you about another thing that I now consider indispensable. Aside from membership in a local running club, I think every runner should have a collapsible water bottle.

water bottleMy first experience with a collapsible water bottle was a freebie I got from Brooks Running. I bought my first pair of Pure Connects at Dick’s Sporting Goods – while a major player in the sporting goods world, I still think of Dick’s as the hometown store. Along with the receipt came the ability to register through Brooks and receive a package of goodies. I loved all the items I received but particularly my “Run Happy” collapsible water bottle.

My second collapsible water bottle came into my possession at the Pittsburgh Marathon. In my expo bag when I picked up my bib number was a silver collapsible water bottle with UPMC – one of the race sponsors – on it.

Both bottles became regulars on long runs as I used these in addition to my fuel belt. 16 ounces – what the fuel belt carries – is just not enough for long runs in summer heat and humidity. The great thing is that these collapsible bottles can either be folded up to fit inside the fuel belt pouch or tucked in the belt itself or hooked on the belt with the caribiner that comes on it. I never had to worry about ditching a bottle and picking it up on an out and back route or driving back to get it later.

The best thing I can say about collapsible water bottles is you can get them for a dollar. My most recent addition – as my two original ones have both sprung leaks from overuse – was purchased at Dollar Tree. Every runner needs one because it negates most complaints about carrying water. You’ll note I said most, not all. Santa should stick one of these in every runner’s stocking.

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